They are coming!  Are you willing to help?  Are you ready to help?

Every year, the President and Congress determine the arrival quota, the small percentage of refugees who will have a chance to start a new life in the United States during that year.

But just because refugees are coming does not mean they are somehow lucky or that they are even going to make it in our land of opportunity. To have the best shot at success, they need your help.

10 Million To 1 is about the help, direction, and love you can provide to refugees as they arrive in our country and take their first steps toward self-sufficiency.

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Everything You Need to Know...

This book describes how you, who have likely grown up in the comfort of America, can welcome a refugee family and get them started on the path to a new and prosperous life as contributing members of our society.

You will discover all the steps you need, from meeting them upon arrival at the airport to getting them housing to finding them jobs. This book details every task that must be accomplished, complete with checklists, and how to divide tasks with others keeping the workload minimal for everyone.

You'll have access to an actual case study showing timelines and costs and hours of manpower needed to get a real resettlement to successful conclusion.

When we first started a resettlement project with our first family, we had a brief orientation as to what would happen and what would be expected of us. We received a photo-copied handbook with some helpful information, but no where near the depth of what you get in 10 Million To 1.

All that early information we received about refugee resettlement, we put to the test. We embraced what worked and dropped what didn't. In this book I am providing the experience of nearly 10 years, full immersion into eight separate resettlement cases, and supporting and coaching roles with other resettlement teams.

From Refugee Camp to U.S. Citizen...

Along the way, you’ll experience personal growth in ways you never imagined. You may witness the ultimate heartwarming opportunity when you see the decision, the steps, and the fulfillment as the former refugees become citizens of our great nation.

And, that's what it's all about--turning a tough situation into one filled with hope for the future. And in this story, you get to be the hero!

Oh, yes, the world is a better place.

Get Signed Copy $15.95

Price includes shipping within the U.S.

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Praise For 10 Million To 1...

10 Million To 1 is a must-read for anyone with an interest in refugee resettlement. Jeff focuses on the most important part of resettlement—the goal of self-sufficiency for each refugee that makes a new life in the United States.

While each refugee’s story is unique, Jeff’s stories and explanations in the book take away the uncertainty of resettlement and should encourage citizens to reach out and become involved.

Jen Huber Worked with refugees in Phoenix, AZ

10 Million To 1 is a comprehensive guide to one of the most powerful and touching volunteer opportunities in the United States, refugee resettlement.

Mr. Kirk’s passion and knowledge about the subject is clear and provides co-sponsors with a great opportunity to avoid commonly encountered mistakes.

Claire Herzog Refugee Sponsorship Developer, Omaha, NE

10 Million To 1 answers so many questions that those involved in refugees’ lives have. As personnel in local businesses, community organizations, churches, schools, and health facilities become increasingly aware of the needs of the refugee population, natural concerns arise.

Mr. Kirk, while approaching each concern with respect and cultural sensitivity, comprehensively answers these questions from a variety of legal, economic, humanitarian, religious, and logical perspectives

I would recommend this book to everyone who has ever met a refugee, and I plan to suggest that the entire faculty at my school read it!

Angela Wade ESOL/Newcomer Teacher to Refugees, San Antonio, TX
Get Signed Copy $15.95

Price includes shipping within the U.S.

Or Buy From Amazon